Just a few networks…

I have personally found the London Public Engagement Network a hugely useful place to talk about work challenges and get support. Our sister network London Sci-Comm Socials is also a great place to meet a wider group of professionals linked to engagement (I’ve met a few historians there too so its not even just scientists and science communicators!). However, these networks are both based in London so what do you do if London isn’t the centre of your universe?

Don’t despair!

Here is a list of regional and national networks suggested by attendees to this years Engage conference:





  • Campus Engage

    The Campus Engage National Network has been set up to promote civic and community engagement as a core function of Higher Education on the island of Ireland, by better enabling Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), their staff and students across all disciplines, to engage with the needs of the communities they serve.


Hopefully this means you’ll never be without a network to turn to but if there isn’t one in your area and you’d like some advice on setting one up do contact us!

Also if you think we’ve missed an important network off the list pop it in the comments below!


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