London Public Engagement Network (PEN)

The London Public Engagement Network (PEN) was created by Mary-Clare Hallsworth, with support from Kimberley Freeman, to provide professional networking opportunities and practical support for public engagement professionals working directly with researchers in research and higher education establishments in London. By working together, we hope that we can work towards a unified approach to public engagement support in London.

The ethos of the London PEN is to provide long term support and advocacy for members to share skills, resources, experience and expertise. The network is particularly for those working with a ‘culture change’ remit and encouraging “two-way” forms of engagement (as part or all of their role). Through regular meetings, workshops and online conversations our members support each other in their roles both individually and through group projects.  

As an example, topics regularly covered are:

  • Culture change strategy
  • Writing public engagement business plans
  • Internal PE networks
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Funding mechanisms for public engagement work
  • Running public engagement training for researchers
  • Examples of public engagement practice

If you are interested in joining the network please contact us through the webform, telling us a little bit about your role,  how you’d like to be involved in the group and answering the following questions:

  1. Do you work with research staff and/or students in a HEI or research establishment?
  2. Do you support public engagement activity as a primary aspect of your role? (As apposed to doing public engagement or outreach activities yourself as the substantive contribution)
  3. Do you have a remit to “embed and/or support growth of public engagement” within your institution/department?